According to the list provided by my insurance company, there are no periodontists in the area that participate in my insurance. Why is that?

Many specialists are no longer preferred providers for dental insurance. This is because reimbursement to the preferred provider generally falls way below the actual cost of providing complete and comprehensive oral health care to you. Dental benefits have not kept up with the actual cost of modern dental care. Twenty years ago, most dental insurance plans had a per person maximum between $1,000 and $1,500 per year. Most annual caps are still in that range even though modern dental care can and does provide better that that in turn allows patients to keep their teeth longer and maintain better overall oral health care. New data shows that dental benefits would need to be about $6,500 per year to keep up with inflation. These improvements in oral health care come with a cost in terms of equipment, materials, training and staff salaries. As a dental care provider, we do not want to compromise your oral health by only providing services that an insurance company authorizes. We cannot afford to accept what insurance companies allow as payment to a preferred provider and still maintain an excellent, well-trained staff and modern equipment.

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