About Specialty Dental Care in Omaha

Our History

With Over 40 Years of Experience

Dr. Tim McVaney is a second generation dentist in Omaha with 40 years of experience in the industry. He believes relationships with patients are the pinnacle of good oral health which is what drew him towards this profession. Dr. McVaney is a 1974 graduate of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln College of Dentistry, however, has a host of other professional positions and accolades including:

  • Master of Science in Periodontics 1976
  • Adjunct Professor at Creighton University Dept. of Periodontics in 1987
  • Director of Continuing Education at Creighton from 1992-1998
  • Assistant Professor of Periodontics in 1997
  • Associate Professor of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery 2005
  • Course Director of Pain and Anxiety Control at Creighton’s Dept. of Oral Surgery in 2001
  • Director of Surgical Implant Dentistry at Creighton’s Dept. of Oral Surgery in 2001
  • Interim Vice-Chair of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery in 1993
  • Consultant for an Implant company and National Special Care Organization
  • Reviewer of the Journal of Special in Dentistry, working with special needs and geriatric patients.
  • Diplomat for the American Board of Periodontology
  • Fellow in the American and International College of Dentistry
  • Fellow in the American Society of Geriatric Dentistry
  • Past President of the American Society for Geriatric Dentistry
  • Past Chair of the Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry
  • Past Chair of the Board of Delta Dental of Nebraska

As evident by his commitment to continuing education, Dr. McVaney is one of the leading experts in Periodontal Care in the Omaha area. His knowledge and passion are passed onto his staff and together, the Specialty Dental Care team provides the best Periodontal Treatment in Omaha

Our Dedicated Staff

  • Heather
    Dental Hygienist
  • Shelli
    Dental Hygienist
  • Kayla
    Lead Assistant
  • Victor
    Dental Assistant
  • Sandra
    Dental Assistant